IoT enabled bins which makes the waste collection efficient and intelligent with unique features like GPS tracking, ultrasonic fill level sensors and sensors to detect temperature, gas and smoke which opens a new door for waste management process. E-Bin with its compaction mechanism can hold wastes 8 times more than that of ordinary bins.

How E-Bin works?

  • E-Bins are installed at various location within the city. The bins are designed in such a way that special sensors placed within it can detect smoke, gas and waste level.
  • When the waste level reach a particular limit, sensors within the E-Bin notifies the drivers via an Android App.
  • Drivers are assigned to each locations in order to collect the waste. On receiving the notification, drivers collects the waste.
  • Ultrasonic fill level sensors and GPS tracking system makes whole waste collection process easier and efficient.
  • Specifically designed apertures for E-Bins helps waste segregation at initial stage