Automated waste collection

Automated collection network helps in bringing efficiency in waste collections.

Prevents bin overflow

Fleet management system enables ontime collection which helps in preventing bin overflow.

Compaction system

Bin can compact the waste to a certain extend, this mechanism helps the bin to hold more waste upto 8 times

On time collection

Sensors within the bin notify agencies when bins are full and ensures on time collection.

Easy monitoring

Centralized control panel provides easy monitoring of bins and collection vehicles.

Easily manageable system

It is quite easy to create and maintain Agencies and Sub Agencies for waste collection purpose. They can monitor the bins and route the collection vehicle based on the level of waste accumulated in the bins.

Better fleet management

With the help of fully automated collection network, fleet management for agencies and sub agencies are no more a riskier task.

Increased storage capacity

Increased waste holding capacity per bin, upto 8 times compared to ordinary bins.

Use of different sensors

Bins are equipped with different sensors which increases the efficiency.

  • Fire sensor detect the presence of smoke and alert the collection network for emergency collection.
  • Smell sensor within the bin notify the collection network if foul smell is detected.
  • Temperature sensor can detects temperature variation and notify the collection network.