E-Bin contributes in different ways in order to keep your locality cleaner and tidier place to live. We provide you complete solution for your waste collection problems.


  • E-Bin are designed in such a way to hold 8 times more wastes compared to ordinary bins.
  • Prevents litter accumulation in public places and keep the surrounding clean.
  • Collection vehicles have to go only when the bins are full, which helps in reducing collection by 80% and collection cost upto 75%.
  • The number of collection is reduced which helps in reducing fuel cost and other maintenance cost.
  • E-Bin with its closed structure and on time collection helps in deterring pests, rodents in and around it.
  • E-Bin helps in creating a cleaner surrounding and aware people to deal with proper waste disposal methods.


  • Helps in abating greenhouse gas emission and reduces incidence of health problems and finally benefits climate change mitigation.
  • Reduction in number of collection helps to reduce carbon footprints.
  • Benefits in reducing occurrence of pests which helps in preventing communicable diseases to an extend.
  • Contributes in maintaining cleaner surrounding and building a healthier society.